If you find walking or standing difficult, or are inactive for any reason, then chair-based aerobics is just the thing to get you moving again. This gentle form of exercise is tailor-made to suit each person’s level of ability, strengthening muscles and improving mobility and joint stability.

Recommended by local health organisations, chair-based exercises are very easy to follow and can be done at home any time you want. If you have an underlying conditions, or are very inactive however, then you may wish to check with your GP before taking part.


imageChair-based aerobics at Sole Touch

At Sole Touch in Draperstown, we provide chair-based aerobics for members of the local community, using musical instruments and hoops to add interest and fun to our sessions. Carried out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, our chair-based activities combine slow movements for relaxation, along with quicker, more upbeat exercises, as requested by the group.

During the session, you’ll remain seated in a firm chair, moving your arms and legs through a series of exercises. However, our activities can also be adapted for standing, depending on the group, with a chair added for support and safety as required.

Throughout each session, participants are also encouraged to adopt proper posture and be aware of their breathing, to ensure optimum benefits from the exercise.


Inclusive Games and Moving More Often

As part of our chair-based aerobics, Sole Touch also incorporates games from the Moving More Often and Inclusive Skills initiatives into our sessions. Thisfurther encourages physical activity and enhances the benefits of the activities.

Recognised by Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Trusts, Inclusive Games and Moving More Often promote the importance of being physically active in older years – even for those with limited mobility. Both schemes provide a range of light and easy to use equipment to help older people exercise from the comfort of their armchairs, promoting a sense of wellbeing and improving concentration and co-ordination.





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