If you’re a wheelchair user, have a disability, or are inactive for any reason, then boccia could be the sport for you. Played indoors with soft leather balls, and similar to bowls, boccia was originally developed for the Paralympic Gamesback in 1984, specifically for athletes with impaired loco-motor functions like cerebral palsy. A precision sport, ithelps to build muscle tone and improve general fitness levels and is now played by people with varying abilities, used in special schools, community settings and in adult centres.

At Sole Touch, we can adapt boccia sessions for all levels and abilities, with any number of players, so if you’d like to give it a go, then just get in touch.


Benefits of boccia

Recognised by Sports NI as an official sport, bocciais easy to play and is an enjoyable way of staying healthy while having fun at the same time. Upper body strength is improved by throwing or rolling the boccia balls, while leg muscles can also be strengthened for those who can kick the balls.

As a precision sport, boccia also focuses the mind and is great for boosting concentration levels and co-ordination, while it also has the social aspect when played with other people. This helps to reduce isolation and can increase confidence and general mental wellbeing.

Meanwhile, trying a new activity like boccia can also boost self-esteem and encourage players to try other activities. Played in a fun and safe environment, boccia is a great way to improve your physical health and wellbeing, so if you’re intrigued, just contact Kathleen today for more information.




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