Complementary therapies to enhance your daily life

If you suffer from stress, headaches or insomnia, or you just feel tired and out of sorts, there are a range of complementary therapies which can help. At Sole Touch, we provide reflexology sessions for men and women, helping clients achieve better health and wellbeing.

With a special focus on fertility issues, we’re also the only provider of abdominal massage in the Mid Ulster area – a technique which can boost your chances of conceiving. We therefore work with many couples who are trying to start a family.

Sole Touch specialises in:

  • Reflexology/Personal health and wellbeing
  • Fertility reflexology
  • Fertility massage

alternative-medicine-1327808_1280Based in Draperstown, Sole Touch is run by Kathleen McWilliams, who has more than 10 years’ reflexology experience and also holds a professional fertility qualification. A strong believer in the power of touch, Kathleen loves seeing the effects of her foot reflexology on clients, who enjoy multiple benefits from this non-invasive complementary technique.

Indeed, by stimulating certain reflex points on the feet, Kathleen can reach into the souls of her clients, helping them reconnect with their bodies and minds without intruding. That’s the power of Sole Touch…


Helping clients understand their bodies

Sole Touch works with men and women throughout the Mid Ulster area and across Northern Ireland, with clients coming everywhere from Magherafelt and the North Coast, to Omagh and Portadown.

Passionate about helping couples to conceive, Kathleen also has years of experience in life coaching, and provides a friendly and welcoming environment at her home-based practice. Offering a personalised and fully confidential service, Sole Touch has been described as ideal for ‘relaxation and unwinding’. Clients have also said it is a place to ‘learn how to help yourself get pregnant’ and how to ‘get your body in good condition’.

As well as focusing on fertility treatments, Sole Touch also provides enhanced therapies for cancer clients, as well as massage, including natural lift facial massage and Indian head massage.

Community group activities and exercises are also available, which include Chi Me, a new and innovative way to exercise which has been adapted from Tai Chi and incorporates relaxation and meditation sessions.


Call Sole Touch today on 07789 277 123 to find out more about our complementary therapies, or to book an appointment.