If you suffer from headaches and migraines, or want relief from stress, anxiety or insomnia, then reflexology could offer the perfect solution.

Reflexology helps to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your body.

With proven benefits in these and many other areas,

reflexology can assist with a wide range of issues – from improving metabolism, to reducing depression and boosting cognitive function. It can also help to alleviate pregnancy pains, pre and post-birth, so has many positive effects.

At Sole Touch, we provide foot reflexology sessions which combine all of these benefits and more, with our qualified reflexologist tailoring each visit to suit your particular needs. Used as a complementary therapy since
the 1930s, but practiced for thousands
of years in Chinese and Egyptian
cultures, foot reflexology has an
established history and is a non-
invasive and widely-used therapy.
Sole Touch - reflexology
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Sole Touch - reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Quite simply, reflexology is a holistic therapy which focuses on different zones or reflex points of the foot which in turn, correspond to various parts of the body, almost like a body map. The right foot therefore relates to the right side of the body, while the left foot corresponds to the left side. As a result, the whole body can be treated using foot reflexology, targeting both the symptoms and the underlying causes of these.

Suitable for all ages, reflexology is a gentle and relaxing therapy which ultimately gives relief from a variety of conditions, both chronic and acute.

How does reflexology work?

When you attend a foot reflexology session at Sole Touch, you’ll always remain fully clothed and will only have to remove your socks and shoes.

During the session, our reflexologist, Kathleen, will then stimulate your reflex points using her thumbs and fingers, applying gentle pressure and soothing massage strokes directly to your feet. This will start at the toes and will work down each foot, clearing blockages and encouraging circulation and energy to flow to the organ of the body they’re associated with.

Benefits of foot reflexology

There are multiple benefits associated with foot reflexology, which is suitable for people of all ages and completely relaxes the mind and body.

Reflexology can:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Offer relief from pre and post-pregnancy pains
  • Help eliminate toxins from the body
  • Help reduce depression (and reduce the risk of post-partum depression)
  • Stimulate the nervous system and assist with pain relief
  • Boost your circulation
  • Ease the side-effects of cancer e.g. from chemotherapy
  • Speed up the healing of wounds
  • Help improve cognitive health
  • Stimulate circulation and boost energy flow through the body
  • Improve metabolism
  • Encourage the endocrine system to function properly

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