Foot Reading

The shape of your feet may hold clues to your personality. Apparently, the foot can say many things, demonstrating character and personality traits.

Let your feet reveal something fascinating about your personality...

The most common foot type is the Egyptian foot.

This foot has a long toe followed by the other toes
tapering at a slight 45-degree angle. The entire foot
is at an incline, long and narrow.

These feet denote the sign of royalty and love
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There are four basic types of feet that apparently determine the way we are:

This can be known as ‘Roman Foot'. 

This foot type denotes someone with a balanced and well-proportioned body shape, typical of someone who is outgoing and sociable.
This person loves to learn new things and to open themselves to new experiences. This maybe a distinguishing feature of travellers, people who love to discover new cultures.

This foot can be known as 'Fire Foot' or 'Greek Foot

the feature on this foot is the longer second toe than the rest of the toes - and this foot shape may belong to someone who is active, sporty and creative, and is enthusiastic about new ideas and other people, who in turn can encourage and motivate those around them.

There is impulsiveness also here in this longer toe.

This can be known as 'Peasant Foot'.

The shape of the toes, including the first or big toe, is almost the same, making a rectangular shape.
This foot shape always weighs up the positive and negative – they are usually very practical and reliable people, meaning you can really depend of those square-toed friends.

This over stretched foot with an elongated, tight shape, features toes

that are fused together and a big toe that tapers toward the top.
This foot my belong to a private person and who may have hidden depths but they often change moods and can be quite impulsive.

The size of the feet and toes can tell so much more also about personality.

Small Feet

Someone with small feet love life and like to have a high-profile hectic job.

Large Feet

Larger feet have great desires to succeed in lots of new ventures.

Crooked Toes

If you have crooked toes it is said to be a sign of surrender.

Long Toes

A person with long toes denotes ambition.

Very Large Toe

A very large toe symbolizes a high degree of rationality.

Wide-set Toes

Depicts a person whose mind craves new adventures, and is happiest on the go!

What do your feet say about you?

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