Reflexology is ideal for pregnant women, as it is a gentle and non-invasive natural therapy which can help during pregnancy and labour, preparing the body for what’s to come. During labour it can help boost energy levels and relax muscles, while also assisting with pain management by producing natural endorphins. Sole Touch can teach partners how to perform foot or hand reflexology during labour.

If you use reflexology during your pregnancy, it has been known to help reduce morning sickness, insomnia and lower back pain, as well as relieving indigestion and heartburn. It can also help to relieve haemorrhoids and constipation, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, swelling of the feet and ankles can also be alleviated by reflexology, along with ligament and groin pain, and cystitis.

Labour time can also be reduced through reflexology, while it can also help to turn a breach baby.