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Chi Me

Aims to promote awareness of the connection between mental and physical health, and emotional wellbeing, encouraging participants to take ownership of their health.

In addition to complementary therapies, Sole Touch also provides a range of activities for local community groups, which are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Run by Kathleen McWilliams

the sessions include motivational life skills talks which focus on meditation and relaxation, and how these can improve concentration and mental stability. Participants can then use what they’ve learned at home, with each session tailored to suit the group’s specific needs and abilities.
These can also be done in one-off sessions, or
as part of a six-week programme.
Sole Touch - Chi Me - Community Activities
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Sole Touch - Chi Me - Community Activities

Chi Me at Sole Touch

One of the activities available at Sole Touch is Chi Me, which is designed to instil a sense of wellbeing in participants and is derived from the more commonly known Tai Chi. Ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their mobility and general health, Chi Me is easily adapted to suit the level of each individual. It can therefore be enjoyed by anyone – from people in wheelchairs, to those who are fully mobile.

It’s also suitable for those who may be suffering from depression, recovering from surgery, or for people with learning difficulties, and can help improve muscular strength and flexibility. Chi Me is further used to improve balance and co-ordination, as well as providing relaxation.

Sole Touch - Chi Me - Community Activities

What to expect in a Chi Me session

If you decide to take part a Chi Me session, then the exercise will involve movements inspired by Tai Chi, most of which can be performed in a chair. Described by the Chinese as ‘mediation in motion’ Tai Chi promotes serenity and inner peace and incorporates arm movements and directional changes, which are simplified for the Chi Me sessions.

Ideal for those with more sedentary lifestyles, and for the elderly, Chi Me was developed in 2015 by LifeDock in Belfast, the leading provider of physical training activity for professionals within this area. Complementing other exercise programs, Chi Mealso assists as part of the ‘Falls Prevention remit’, as it helps to strengthen muscles, improve balance and aid flexibility.


With a certificate in Tai Chi for arthritis, practitioner Kathleen McWilliams has created Chi Me sessions which incorporate popular music, such as the revived country music scene in Ireland. As a result, her sessions are full of fun and creativity – the perfect combination to boost happiness and wellbeing.


If you’d like to find out more, or want to see what it’s like for yourself, then come along to a Chi Me session and learn to exercise in a whole new way.

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